Thursday, 28 April 2016

Book Review - A Quilters Mixology by Angela Pingel

Thanks a million everybody who volunteered to help with our activities over the next while.  Aideen and Cindy will be looking after us for the summer swap coming up and Helen has volunteered to help with the annual Christmas swap.

Our meetup will now most likely be September/October in Limerick and thanks to Louise,  Paula and Annette who have offered to help with that - stay tuned for more details over the coming weeks.

Thanks also to Sharon for volunteering to look after our Facebook page and Liz  who has offered to help with the blog content and kicks thing off with a book review of Angela Pingel's - A Quilters Mixology!

When Liz sent me this she mentioned someone had reviewed it for the IPS but not all our members would have seen it, and as it is such a good book it was her top pick to review.   I had to smile as it was me who reviewed it for the IPS magazine and I totally forgot about adding it to our library - thanks Liz for bringing our attention to this one - it is a favourite of mine and I used one of the designs in the book to make a sewing machine cover.    Over to Liz...


Liz Dunne's book review for Modern Quilters Ireland Blog

Angela Pingel : A Quilters Mixology

I have this book about a year and I have only managed to use it for one project and it is not even a project in the book.

How can I give a review of a book that I have not even completed a project from? Well, the answer is, I most certainly can give one, because it has got me started on the extremely tricky road that is curved piecing. Curved piecing, like for so many others out there is very daunting and I have tried it before this book but not with much success.

Don't get me wrong, You Tube is a fantastic outlet for tutorials but what You Tube, Pinterest and blogs etc etc failed to do for me, this book succeeded in doing and I think it succeeded for a number of reasons.

1. There is nothing like having an eye catching glossy book with plenty of eye candy in your hand.
2. Angela's step by step instructions were very easy to follow and I think this was helped by the fact that she didn't put the cutting requirements in with the instructions, she kept things separate, which really does help and also stops you from getting super confused.
3. I like the way she starts by giving you a history of the drunkards path block, because she tells you also the different variations, and names of the blocks of these variations, which I did not know, and then she moves on to how to assemble a simple drunkards patch block, which is the start of the endless opportunities that come with this block.
4. She also talks about color and fabric selection which is very helpful, as I am very indecisive in this area, so I appreciated the help. Angela's fabric selection for this book is fantastic!
5. Angela then moves on to the 16 projects which is a really generous amount of projects for a book in my personal opinion.
6. Angela finishes with how to finish your quilt, which as a longarm quilter myself is my personal area of particular interest.
7. Angela talks extensively about backings and gives examples of how to piece backings, which normally you don't get in depth advice on backings, and I have used Angela's advice on backings on other projects of mine.
8. She also talks about batting choices and of course my favorite, Quilting options.
9. Angela used a longarm quilter called Krista Withers and I am a big fan of Krista's quilting. Angela also used her own quilting skills on her domestic machines and pantographs to show all styles of quilting options.
10. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a modern quilting book which I would class intermediate to advanced.


Thanks again Liz for a very informative write up!

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