Thursday, 6 October 2016

Giveaway - pack of 100 EPP paper templates family pack by Tales of Cloth

Hand sewing is back in a big way. You may have noticed the popularity of EPP (English Paper Piecing) patterns over the past few years.  Willyne Hammerstein's Book Millefiori Quilts sold out everywhere due to the popularity of the La Passacaglia Quilt on the cover.    A quick look on Pinterest will show you just how good this quilt can look in modern styled fabrics .
Paper pieces has a starter and a full set if you don't feel like making your own templates and they also have kits to go along with Katja Mareks New Hexagon.  The paper templates for the New Hexagon are much bigger than the tiny La Passacaglia templates and make it easier to sew with a running stitch rather than the EPP method of folding fabric over a paper template.  The gripping movement required to hold the pieces and whip stitch sew them together can be tough on the hands!  Tracing around the template and sewing with a running stitch is apparently what Willyne uses to make her tiny pieces!

On Katya's blog there were quilt a longs in 2015and 2016 using blocks from her book and she is doing another using her perpetual calendar of 365 Hexagon blocks.  I think this would make a brilliant 365 project and could be fun to attempt to make one a day!

Jodi at Tales of Cloth has also created a set of shapes that all work together and hosted a challenge on instagram #shapefamilychallenge and it is really cool to see what people have come up with.

And we have 1 packet of family shapes to giveaway here on the blog!

To win this pack of 100 shapes just leave us a comment telling us if you have ever tried EPP before and what would you make with this set?

Entries close at 5pm next Thursday, 13th October, when Random number generator will pick the winner !