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Are you an Irish modern quilter? Want to join into a supportive community of like-minded people to exchange techniques and inspiration? Join us!

We just love modern quilting. We love the use of colour, the bold fabric patterns, the clean lines. There is something very special about the basic, simple nature of modern quilts that makes it attractive to both beginners and experienced quilters. To learn more about modern quilting, head over here.

The Modern Quilters Ireland group was established in 2012 originally as a branch of the Modern Quilt Guild. The popularity of Modern Quilting has resulted in the rapid expansion of the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) who have undergone an organisational change. As we have a diverse group of members throughout Ireland and abroad, the adoption of the MQG model does not suit our group at present though in time with increased members this may change. Many of us have continued our affiliation with the MQG as individual members and as a group we continue to support the MQG aims and goals.
Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland
Our mission is to support and encourage the growth of modern quilting through our online community with organised swaps, quilting bee’s, challenges and plentiful conversation. The Modern Quilters Ireland group developed from the thriving online community of Irish quilters and their desire to start meeting in person. Through blogs and social media, our aim is to gather a community of modern quilters who otherwise would be unsupported in their local communities.

We encourage anyone who is interested to join in. Become a follower of this blog to keep updated on our activities. Alternatively, email mqgireland@gmail.com for more information. We are happy to help in any way we can. Beginners are absolutely welcome!

To join, all you need to do is to complete this form.


  1. Hello! I found you when I was searching Google for information on the Rolling Star Block. I have family roots in Scotland and hope to visit Ireland and Scotland some day! I live in Westlake, LA in the United States. I love modern quilting and am looking forward to attending QuiltCon 2015 as a first timer! I would love to join your group if you take outsiders like me. I couldn't actually participate in swaps but would love to interact with ya'll. Hope to hear back from you soon.

  2. Hi Cassandra, you should join up our FB page where you can chat with other Irish quilters!


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