Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Have you seen?

Have you seen Simply Moderne?  It is a new quilting magazine by Quiltmania aimed at modern quilters.  I first came across this french publication when on holidays in the states last October and gasped at the price of it.  At 17.99 dollars US, 11.99 sterling I thought it was pricey for a quilt mag but I liked the look of it and thought I'd check out a subscription online.  A years subscription including delivery to Ireland is currently 42 Euro.  So I subscribed!

Loving this Polar Bear from SAQA
After receiving 2 magazines I thought I'd share a review of sorts.  It is very glossy and beautifully presented with interesting gallery photographs and on average 14 projects per issue.  Issue 3 included a round up of quilt market and issue 4 had lots of stuff from QuiltCon.
Every issue there is a spotlight on modern quilters and fabric designers so far included Lee Heinrich from Freshly pieced, Elizabeth Hartmann, LeeAnn Decker and Carolyn Friedlander to name a few.
It has a very different feel to it from the UK magazines and worth a look.  In this latest issue there was a piece on bias tape technique and this beautiful applique quilt included templates and pullouts the pattern.  The cover projects are stunning and I've seen really nice versions of them popping up on Instagram.  The Around the Garden circular cover quilt is a 4 part instruction and part 1 started with the current issue 4.

Keep it in mind when you are next looking to treat yourself!  If anyone already has a subscription we'd love to hear about it!

Last November the Royal Society of Needlework in UK had a stand at the Knitting and Stitching show in the RDS and were gauging interest in classes in Ireland.  They have announced their first set of classes in Dublin coming up.  For anyone who wants to stretch their needlework skills the classes may be of interest.  The one that caught my eye was Silk shading but its booked out already - maybe next time!

There are other classes on goldwork and whitework too and could be worth a look!  Just two of the things that caught my eye to share this month!  What about you guys?  Any cool things we should be checking out?

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  1. I love quilt mania! I think they are the best mag. Shame nobody stocks them anymore. Love to see this new one. Populer Patchwork totally changed and I bought one but haven't really read it .


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