Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bee Blessed: March

This upcoming weekend is the perfect time for sewing!  If you are looking for a block to stitch that's cute, a bit improv AND gives back to the community, Bee Blessed is for you!

Please head on over to Judith's and Sarah's posts to read more, but they are looking for Pippi blocks this month to alternate with the little heart blocks created in February.

Stolen from Judith's blog...

Stolen from Sarah's blog...

Isn't she cute?  Even cuter with those little hearts.  You can find the Pippi block tutorial here.

They're a great laugh to piece - below is my last attempt at a Pippi block.  I do not know why her legs are so thick and how they are both attached to the right of her body, but she was such fun to piece from my scrap bin.  Give one a go!


  1. Your Pippi is groovin'! They are funny to make up and somehow each one develops her own little personality. We had one. Last time round looked like she had her legs crossed cos she needed a wee and one that looked like she was hula dancing! Lots of fun for a very unique quilt.

  2. LOL! I like to think your Pippi is twirling an invisible hula-hoop! Thanks so much for the plug & support. Jxo

  3. as in life, pippi comes in all shapes, sizes and heights


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