Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Medallion QAL Border Three

Oh, how time flies!  Three weeks have passed since our last QAL post.  In theory, we should have added on our third border set, bringing our quilt top to 48 inches square.  This border, if you're following Track 1 of the Catbird Quilts tutorials, should be a 2 inch thick border followed by a 6 inch thick border.

Now, I have to confess...I am not yet done my 6 inch outer border.  Although indeed I did make progress over the last three weeks, I am now officially behind in my own QAL.  I am really looking forward to seeing where each of you are.  Are you behind as well?  Come on - make me feel better :)

As usual, below you'll find our linky party to show us your progress since early March.  Please do add your link and hop around a bit to see what others are creating.  I am inspired each time I visit your pages, so do visit one another lending a bit of advice or encouragement.

Our next goal, according to Catbird Quilts, is to add another border set (be it single or several borders), adding another 6 inches onto each side of our quilt.  Our tops will then grow from 48 inches to 60 inches square.  Why don't you guys tell me when you want to have the next linky.  Is four weeks enough time to finish off the third border and add on yet another final border?  Will we meet up here on 22 April?

Happy stitching, ladies!


  1. I have not made much progress myself...more time is better...since I cannot figure out what to do next! :)

  2. still finishing off the first border in the third set, or is it the last border in the second set?
    In any case I hope to link up just before the link up closes!

  3. feel better, i am behind, too! i actually purposefully put it off cuz i was working on official Quarter 1 finishes - but now that it is April i am going to work on it right now! will b caught up by next time cuz now THIS is on my official Quarter TWO list to do! (:

    1. oh, so yes, i'm in for 60.5" by 4/22!

    2. ok, so i have to take that 60" comment above back...for several reasons i've decided to leave mine at 48" for a baby quilt to add to my donation i am done (i know, big woop)...but - sending motivation your way!!


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