Thursday, 11 June 2015

News & Exhibitions

This day last week, we had the opening of our Happiness Exhibition at St. Patrick's Hospital in Dublin.  It was great to get to meet so many people we only know through the web.  About 15 of us turned up from all around the country and there were some funny moments.  At one point Cindy asked if Liz was there and I answered yup, she's standing right behind you!  Lots of smiles and introductions and of course wandering the corridors to view our gorgeous quilts. 

Paula and Cindy both gave lovely speeches to open the exhibit and Cindy has posted her speech on her blog Fluffy Sheep Quilting.  It was a really lovely, funny speech talking about how Cindy and Sarah founded our group and the community of quilting.  Please hop over to Cindy's blog and have a read!

I have posted photos to our Flickr page here and also to our Facebook page.  The link between Flickr and Facebook for automatic posting is broken and while Flickr groups is being updated I'm manually posting to Facebook.  Some of the photos shared recently may not have appeared in the facebook feed but next week I'll do a Show and Tell post.   Please go have a look and if you can make it to Dublin to view the exhibition in person you will not be disappointed!

6 of our members also had quilts on display for the Mid Western branch of the IPS exhibit Local Landscapes.  I've posted some more images on my blog here if you want to take a look. 

Also on in Limerick is an EQA (European Quilt Association) exhibit titled "Movement" hosted by the IPS.  It is running until this Saturday 13th June and features mini-quilts from 17 countries.

Lastly this weekend there is a Quilt and Craft Fest on in Newtownmountkennedy with lots going on in Apple Tree Crafts. 

Hope everyone enjoyed our first National Quilting Week!

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  1. the photos on my phone don't do any of this justice, it needs the big computer screen. Well done girls, all of you. Looks great.


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