Monday, 1 December 2014

Modern Irish {Scrappy} Bee: December Block

It is the final month of the Modern Irish {Scrappy} Bee 2014 and it is my month. The time was flying and sadly another bee is over. I am delighted to be Queen and hope to finish this bee with an amazing quilt!

If you ever think having 11 month to get ready helps I have to tell you you are wrong. I changed my plans last month and so now I am sitting here last minute to write the tutorial. Are you ready? I chose a beautiful HST block with a beautiful HST center for the first block ...

 ... and a much more gorgeous fussy cut center for the second block!

These are a lot of HST but at the end they come together quite fast. I had already four of the blocks on my wall and I love how they look together. Thank you so much for helping me making this quilt!

I hope you are not scared now and ready to get sewing! Each of the blocks should end in 12.5''. Please use bright colors and Kona white for the stripes/HSTs and press the seams either open or to the color fabric. Ready? Let's get started :)

Block 1:
  • 16 * 4'' white squares
  • 16 * 4'' different color squares
  • 4 * 2.5'' different color squares

You need to make 16 HST trimmed to 3.5''. I, for myself, make them using 4'' squares. Put them right sides together and sew on the right and the left side of the diagonal line, press the seams and trim to 3.5''. You will get 32 HSTs in this step. You can use 16 for the first block and 12 for the second one. I want this quilt to be scrappy so, if you can, do not use the same fabric more than once in one block but you can use them for the second block.

For the first center you take four of the HSTs you just made. Add the 2.5'' squares right side to the white part of the HST and sew diagonaly. Cut back the seam allowance and press.

Now you only have to arrange the HSTs and sew them together. Make lines out of the HSTs and sew the lines together to make the block. Press the seams open in this step and you are done.

Block 2:
  • 12 HSTs (you can use the ones you made for block one)
  • 2 3/4" center cut (on point)
  • 2 * 1.5'' stripes Kona white, 2 3/4'' length
  • 2 * 1.5'' stripes Kona white, 4 3/4'' length
  • 4 * 3 3/4'' triangles (side length)

The second block only differs in the center. You have the choice to either use the Paper Piece Template or make the block adding stripes to the fussy cut center. I would love you to use a fussy cut center that "represents" you. Feel free to use a fussy cut, stitch or applique. Whatever suits you is perfect. When you cut the center please remember the cut will be on the peak.

If you do not use the paper piecing template this is the construction for the center:
Take the fussy cut and add the 2 3/4'' stripes to the center block on 2 sides. Press and add the remaining 4 3/4'' stripes to the other sides. Press again.

Your finished block should measure 4 3/4''. Finally you need to add the triangles on two sides. Press and add the remaining two triangles to the other sides. Your finished block should measure 6.5''.

If you use the paper piecing template it should be straight forward. I used a leftover piece which I centered at the paper piecing template. After adding two white stripes on the opposite sides I cut back the seam allowance before I added the white stripes to the other sides. After adding the triangles you have to trim the block and remove the paper.

Finally you can assemble the block. Sew the upper and lower line of HSTs together and the HSTs on the sides of the paper pieced block. Add the two HST blocks to the sides of the paper pieced block and press the seams open. Add the upper and lower line and press open again. Done!

I am so excited and looking forward what you are going to make! Have fun and thank you for helping me making this quilt!

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