Thursday, 12 April 2012

What is Modern Quilting? Part 3....

We asked each of you, our members, what Modern Quilting is to you.  Here's what you had to say...

To Sonya, modern quilting is an opportunity to indulge her love of fabulous fabrics while using the sewing skills her mother taught her to make really beautiful pieces.       

This lap quilt Sonya made for her daughter has pride of place in her sitting room.

Sonya is also making a quilt for her Grandad.  He is in a nursing home so this will be perfect to keep his warm & comfy. She is only cutting right now, but loves the fabrics!

Sonya is inspired by quilts she sees online in shops like Etsy.  This Little Boy Blue quilt, in particular, by mygorgeousquilts inspires Sonya.  She would like to do something similar for her son.


To Irina, modern quilting means no boundaries, freedom and embracing all kinds of techniques, textures and styles, including traditional.  The first thing she noticed with modern quilting was the variety of new fabrics, the brightness of colours, the highlight of solids as a main feature of a project.

She also started to know about the fabric collections and their designers, whereas in the past, you would never hear about the work behind a piece of fabric.

The Wonky Squares quilt is her most recent modern quilt.  A friend commissioned Irina to make a baby quilt for her new nephew and she wanted something very colourful and bright.

Irina loves this quilt because it is the first time she used solids and she loves the result they bring, so fresh and bright. She likes its simplicity, nothing really intricate and yet it stands out.

Irina's inspiration comes from all the modern quilters out in blogland. She keeps browsing through blogs and sees all these modern quilts.  She picks up on colour combinations from one, techniques from another, layouts from the next.  At the end she might not remember where it, but it's all in her head!  


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