Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Modern Irish Bee 2017

Welcome to our 2017 Bee! We have 9 people signed up to make and swap blocks for each other this year and will be sharing our fabric picks and finished blocks in our facebook group MQI Modern Irish Bee. It is a closed group but all Modern Quilters Ireland members are welcome to join! In case you would like to make any of the blocks we are swapping I’ll be posting the instructions at the first of every month between now and October. This year we are making 1 big block maximum size 18” and Annette is our first Queen Bee and starts us off with a great choice!

Hello fellow Bee Members

I'm Annette from Galway and I am delighted and excited to be in a bee for the first time. I searched for days to find a block that I liked and finally came up with this one. I hope you enjoy making it for me. Ruth very kindly up sized the block to 18 inches thanks Ruth.

Enjoy Annette.

Fabric Requirements:

Where it is white any low volume fabric, and the rest any bold vibrant colours.

(You will need Background fabric in low volume, colour 1 and vibrant colours 2, 3 & 4.)

You can find the full instructions here to view or download as a PDF:

The pattern is written with 4 colours and 3 different sized pieces. Replace the pieces on the pattern as below to make your block come out as 18.5” unfinished, 18” when finished in the quilt.

1A: (colour 1, piece size A) 3.5 x 6.5 X4

1B: (colour 1, piece size B) 3.5 x 3.5 X12

2B: (colour 2, piece size B) same as above but in a different colour 3.5 x 3.5 X4

3A: (colour 3 piece size A) 3.5 x 6.5 X4

4C: (colour 4, piece size C) 3 1/2" x 9.5 X4

Follow the instructions, using the strip and flip method to add squares 1B to the corners of 3A and 4C to make the long pointed sections and assemble the block as follows:

You will have 4 corners each measuring 9 1/2”x 9 1/2”.

Arrange as per the instructions and sew together to create an 18 1/2” x 18 1/2” block.


  1. this is an interesting block, i think this would look great a large scale block

  2. Hello I made this block and loved it I've also done Marchs block just wondering how I can get ahold of Aprils block as I haven't seen any posts lately or recd an email


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