Friday, 14 August 2015

How do you manage your scraps?

I think my scrap stash is getting out of hand. I needed to empty my scrap bag as a project I was working on called for some white scrap pieces. I knew I had 'some' white pieces but I didn't think I had lots of them. As I sat on the floor going through my scraps I realised I could make some really cool quilts with the combos I accidentally happened to have now from years of making different quilts with different fabrics. The only problem with scrap though is that they are all different sized pieces and can take a really long time to cut your fabrics to useable sizes or specific sizes.

Another thing you need to factor in are the amount of UFO's most quilters have at any given time. First the quilter needs to finish these before they can even think about starting a scrap quilt. I now have a large black refuge bag full of different size scraps.
I have decided to start collecting my scrap into sized pieces. I loved Erins June Bee block for being able to use up similar toned fabrics and Angelas April block for making an easy secondary design. I know I am definitely going to make a few string quilts anyway as they really are a great way of using up your scrap. I don't think I would have the patience for a postage stamp quilt, although I can certainly appreciate that is is a great way of using up all your smaller scraps.
Can you think of any other easy cool modern quilt patterns that lend themselves well to small scrap pieces?

I know I could get quite a few improvisational quilt patterns going too which is a great way to get the creative juices flowing although I have been known to spend a few hours on an improv piece only to look at it and laugh and ask what I was thinking! I don't mind doing these things though even if they are a waste of time because sometimes if you are lucky they can become something wonderful.
My only downside to hoarding scrap fabrics is that I am not a hoarder. A quilter that is not a hoarder! I hear you say. I like to 'collect' fabric, but neat bundles, and collections and precut's of fabrics not a big messy blob of scraps that look awful. I have certain fabric which I'm sure some of us can confess to that I am just not willing to ever cut because it's just too pretty. My big black sack of scrap is not pretty to look at and it makes me feel cluttered but the truth is every quilter has to have a bag of scrap. It is a must have, much like our rotary cutter. I just wish it only took up as much room as my rotary cutter did.


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