Saturday, 1 November 2014

Modern Irish {Scrappy} Bee: November Block

Round 2 for me, ding ding!

Anyone who didn't quite enjoy the lack of measuring and exactness of my April blocks will be happy to know this month's block isn't like that ;)

I have had a busy few months, with moving across the country and getting everyone settled and things into some semblence of order. There have been a few constants, one of which being this Sewing Bee, and a number of good friends I've 'met' through sewing and have listened to my moans/rants/rages and made me laugh each of the times!

I was browsing Pinterest for quilt blocks that struck me, when a quilt popped up and pulled me right in. I knew I'd seen it before, and when I clicked on the link, it brought me straight to Fluffy Sheep's blog, and her beautiful gifted Circle of Friends quilt. At that moment, the stars aligned and I had a lightbulb moment!

*warning, it gets a bit fluffy now*

I am part of a circle of women through a Shaman centre, called Moon Mná. We gather each month around the full moon, to tap into the energy, and perform a meditation circle, with some energy cleansing preceding it. It's a time for me, as a woman, to be just that. Things have changed slightly now that I live away from the centre in Dublin, but the circle has changed dynamic too, so there are now remote groups and all synchronising at the same time, in the same theme. Anyway, I digress somewhat, if anyone is interested, message me ;)

So, back to this month's blocks. Using Cindy's Circle of Friends quilt as inspiration, made up of a 'circle' of squares block, I will bring together all of your blocks to create my 'Women's Circle' quilt. I would appreciate if you could do something else for me while making these blocks.... this is entirely up to you, as it is a very personal thing. I would like you to use whatever method you like to imbibe these blocks with positivity, with female energy ;) This could simply be you making the blocks while in a positive state of mind, saying a prayer/chant/spellcasting over the blocks, dance around them, meditate with them... the list goes on, I hope you get the idea ;) As I said, it's a personal thing, I don't expect to hear the what or the how, this is more about the energies from all of you, and bringing them together into a quilt, which I believe, will be a blanket or shroud of healing. How could it not be?

Onto the block! It is a scrappy block, and I would like you to use Kona White as the background. Fussy cutting is welcome, no kiddie fabrics (Aneela Hoey style cute is fine). No heavy florals, or browns/blacks, no batiks. The scrappy squares should be bright, rainbow spiral.

The tutorial is from Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild. It is based on the 9-patch layout, using the placement of the scrappy, focus fabric, squares to create a circle. I would like you to make two of these blocks, both measuring 12.5" square. All seams are 1/4".

The block is made up of three different units: A, B, and C
The two A units make the top and bottom centre pieces, the four B units the four corners, and the single C unit is the centre.

Cutting instructions
Focus Fabric: Eight 2.5" squares of scrappy colourful fabric
Kona White:
  • 8 strips 2.5" * 1.5" for Unit A
  • 8 strips 4.5" * 1.5" for Unit A
  • 4 squares 2.5" * 2.5" for Unit B
  • 4 strips 4.5" * 2.5" for Unit B
  • 1 centre square 4.5" * 4.5" for Unit C
Before assembling, decide on the placement of your focus fabric squares. If you've fussy-cut, make sure you've the pieces placed the right way up ;)

Assembling Unit A - make 4
Take the focus fabric square, and attach the 2.5" * 1.5" strips to either side of the square (press seams towards the focus fabric).
Then attach the 4.5" * 1.5" strips to the top and bottom, again pressing towads the focus fabric.

Assembling Unit B - make 4
Attach a Kona White 2.5" square to the focus fabric square, press towards the white.
Then attach the 4.5" * 2.5" strip, keeping the focus square to the top left of the block (remember any directional print positioning), and press towards the white.
Finally, attach the top row to the centre row, nesting the seams, and then attach the bottom row.
Press well, and trim to 12.5" square.

Block assembly
Now it's time to put it all together. Reposition all the units in the order you want. Then take the left Unit B and attach to the Unit A, followed by the right Unit B, for both the top and bottom rows. Press the seams on two rows towards the unit B blocks. Attach the two centre Unit As to the Unit C square, pressing towards the centre Unit C.

That's it! Your two, energy imbibed, circle blocks ;)

Finally, if you could include a few scrappy 2.5" squares (only if you have them, and feel extra generous), I would really appreciate it!

I hope you enjoy this block, I can't wait to put all these together and watch the sparks fly ;)

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