Thursday, 15 March 2012

Member Profile: Meet Karen!

The basics

Name: Karen Cassidy

Hometown: Shannon, Co. Clare

Current Home (with description of the town/neighbourhood): Industrial Town, not real pretty but hey!!!!! Its home :D

Blog address: My4lil Girls
Flickr name: can’t remember, but its on the blog

Family: Husband Aidan & 4 girls…Lauren 21, Sophie 20, Bethany 17 & Ella 8.

The details

What is your day job? Stay at home mom

What is your current dream job? Fabric Designer……maybe someday!!!

What is your favourite time waster? Blog browsing

What are you working on now?  Two quilts, a crochet blanket & two bags!!!!!!

What do you want to be working on right now? Another quilt for my nieces 21st

Do you have other hobbies beyond quilting? Would be gardener

Do you play sports?  Which ones? swimming

What is your strongest positive personality trait? Well I did ask my girls bout this one, I think they’re pretty good at being waaaaayyyyyy too honest with me, they reckon I’m pretty generous.  Thank God they had something nice to say J

What is your greatest fear (nothing morbid or spooky…in a lighter sense)? Really, I hate the thought of having to be stuck with a baby belly for the rest of my life.

Is there anything in your past that would shock us (that you’re willing to share)? Wayyyyy too much….how much time d’you have??????

What started you quilting? Well I’ve always sewn, it kinda runs in the family, but blogging inspired me to quilt.

Karen's first quilt - a baby quilt

A Quick-fire Round….What is your Favourite
place to holiday: Rome

movie: The color purple (have lots of favs though)

food: fresh fish in Dingle

colour: Green

saying: What you sew….you grow

Karen's favorite quilt with fabrics from Holland

fabric line: Have so many favs, but I’m pretty excited now as I’m waiting for some Freshcut to be delivered

fabric designer: Again lots of favs, but if I had to pick one I love Robyn Pandolph

sewing tool: Rotary cutter….thought  I was in heaven the first time I used one

completed sewing project: Def a quilt I made for my Husbands mom & dad, it was made from Robyn Pandolph fabric, never took a photo L

quick finish sewing project :I Love bags or a book covers

Karen's least favorite quilt: a Manchester United least he likes it!


  1. Lovely to read more about you K! I have a Bethany too! And I love the colour purple, so we have lots in common! Your quilts are so pretty! Jxo

  2. Love your colourful bags lined up. Loving all this meeting and greeting!

  3. Already came across your gorgeous work on Flickr, thanks for introducing yourself!


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