Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Christmas swap - the small one!

Morning all, this year in brainstorming ideas for the annual MQI Christmas swap, Anna and I decided that after the brilliant Tote bag summer swap we'd keep things small for Christmas and do a no-pressure, quick and fun project.

You might have noticed there has been a lot of mini-mini quilts on social media lately and teeny tiny piecing!  So this year we are keeping the swap small to a mug rug & a bar of chocolate.

Remember the kit-kat logo - Take a break, have a kit kat !  Well that's the theme this year.  After all the Christmas madness is over, treat yourself to a cuppa or a hot chocolate and enjoy a moment!

To keep things simple, there will be no need for an inspiration mosaic, just make a mug-rug or a mini-mini quilt based on the idea of taking a break!  Partners will be assigned randomly so it will still be a secret swap.  You won't know who is making for you and we hope it will add to the surprise when opening your swap item!

Mug Rugs have no fixed size but are typically 6" x 9".  A mini/mini is 4" to 6" so whatever works best for your idea!  Please include a treat like a choccy bar and optional this year (though I really love collecting these!) is a handmade decoration for the the Christmas tree. 

The sign up form is here.  I hope you will join us again - I love the Christmas swap and we always make such lovely things.  The postal date is 18th December so it will have time to arrive for those in between days, after Christmas and before New years.

This swap is limited to MQI members resident in Ireland so as to avoid any issues with post at this busy postal time of year.  Sign up close this Friday and partners will be assigned over the weekend.  I hope you will join us for our 3rd Christmas swap!

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