Saturday, 31 October 2015

Modern Irish Bee - November block for Stephanie!

Can you believe its November? The weather has turned a little chillier and the leaves a little browner, and that means it’s the perfect weather to sew, right? I have really enjoyed making all of the monthly blocks (even though I am usually late sending them) and I am learning so much, thanks everyone.

Now it’s my turn and I have looked at so many different quilt blocks to choose from and I think I must have changed my mind at least a hundred times. But yeah, I have finally decided on the patchwork Wheel Block and Elizabeth from Don’t Call Me Betsy has kindly allowed me to link to her tutorial on her blog Don't Call Me Betsy, thank you Elizabeth. I love the fact that this block uses scraps, and boy do I have a lot of those, and also that every block will be different.
In her tutorial, Elizabeth uses a dark grey for the background, which looks great, but I think I would like white or something similar as long as it’s very pale and then you have free choice about which colour of scraps you would like to use, the scrappier the better, I love bright colours! I would love two of these blocks, if you cut 8 extra 3.5" coloured scraps and keep the HST that you have cut you should have enough for two 12.5" blocks.

You can follow Elizabeth's tutorial or you can follow my attempt at a tutorial.

Cut 8 4.25" squares of solid white

Cut 8 3.5" squares of coloured scraps (you could cut 8 more 3.5" now and you will have enough for two blocks)

Cut 8 4.25" squares of coloured scraps
Draw a line diagonally from one corner to other.

Place a 4.25" scrap right sides together with a solid white square with the drawn line uppermost.

Stitch a scant 1/4" seam on either side of the drawn line. Cut along the drawn line to give you 2 HST.

Press open and trim down to 3.5" square.
 Assemble the squares into a pleasing display and stitch the first row together following with the remaining two rows. Press seams.

Join strips together and press. Your finished block should measure 12.5".

Sit back and admire your work!

PS please ignore the bad state of my cutting board I am hoping Santa will bring me a new one

Stephanie x

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