Thursday, 1 June 2017

Modern Irish Bee - June Block!

Hi everyone,

My name is Catherine and I am currently living in Belgium with my husband and 2 young children. I discovered quilting while pregnant with my first who is now 3 and I made a crib size quilt for her. Im self-taught and its only in the last 7/8 months that I discovered various Facebook quilting groups and with their discovery my blind not sure if I’m doing this right world blossomed into I really love doing this and learning basically everything from wadding, thread, needles, fabric types, not to mention the different techniques and myriad of blocks.

I chose a block by Gerri Robinson from her Quilted Living Book. Gerri kindly gave me permission to share her block with you and to resize it. It’s called Tumble and I love how light and summery it appears.
It uses 4 fabrics, 1 white background and 3 shades of one other colour in light, medium and dark to create the tumble effect. You can choose which colour youd like to use based on your stash.  

The instructions can be downloaded here!
Block Size 18" Finished.

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