Thursday, 25 February 2016

Modern Irish Bee Round 1 - Hints and tips for Medallion and Round Robin Quilts

Now we all have made our starting blocks and posted them on, I thought I'd pull together some tips and examples for our first round of adding to our neighbour's blocks.  The starting block could be anything up to 16" finished (16.5" unfinished) so each block will, more than likely, be different in size!

Measure the block you want to add to and decide if you want to add a border to bring the block up to a different size that might be easier to add to.  For example, my 16" block could be made bigger to 18" or 20", if I wanted to add a border that needs pieces 3" or 5" high, to make up the next border.

If I use a white border, then my block will float in the frame and the border will disappear into the background. 

I can also add a border in a solid or print that reads as solid to frame my block and make it stand out before adding the next round of piecing or applique.  Melanie @ Catbird Quilts has an excellent series on Medallion quilts and recommends the round 1 border combination be approximately 5" wide.
Carla's original block image used with permission from Wendy's Quilts & More
Round 1- dark skinny border from scraps provided to frame it and wider patchwork border 5 in total to emphasise the greens in the original block by Jane @Where Jane Creates- image used with permission from Wendy's Quilts and More

Echoing the original block can be a very effective way of adding to and emphasising the main block idea.  In the above example, Jame echoed the colours used in Carla's orignal block.  In the example below, Carla @ Granny Mauds Girl added to this block from Serena @ Sew Giving by creating another circle around it.
Serena's original block image courtesy of Granny Maud's Girl
Carla's addition echoing the original block image courtesy of Granny Maud's Girl

The addition to the original block doesn't have to be symmetrical.  In this starting block by Jo@Riddle & Whimsy the arrow resulted in a long rectangular block.  Serena squared it up by adding in half arrows on either side and Carla took it back to rectangle again in the round after that! 
Jo's arrow block image courtesy of Sew Giving
Serena's first round addition to top and bottom only!  Image courtesy of Sew Giving
Turning a block on point will make it much bigger and can be a fun way to add piecing.  Instead of using a print for the corner points, using pieced triangles like these flying geese, is a very effective way of growing your quilt and can open up fun colour options.

Sharon @ Mother Dragons Musings original block image courtesy of Wendy's Quilts & More

Jo's (Riddle & Whimsy) colourful addition framed and turned on point image courtesy of Wendy's Quilts & More
So lots of ways to grow our quilt tops!  The shipping date for the next round is 4 weeks from this week so Friday 25th March.  The linky party will open then to link up a photo or blog post of our progress and to be in with a chance to win €20 Euro voucher from Fluffy Sheep Quilting!

Don't forget to link up this months progress on round robin or medallion quilts - closing date for this months draw is tomorrow with winners announced on Saturday!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for our next round of Modern Irish Bee 2016-Round Robin style!

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  1. I hope everyone joining the Irish round robin has as much fun as we did here in the Antipodes. I would do it again.


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