Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Summer Swap Show & Tell

Our summer swap was a great success. We've been making tote bags for each other and it's been tons of fun watching the photos appear on Flickr and Instagram and the happy thank you messages showing how generous our group has been with time spent on making and adding in some fun extras too!
Thanks everyone who took part, all bags have been shipped and I am delighted  we had such a great swap!  Remember send in your ideas for our annual Christmas swap which will be announced after Halloween!

In the meantime, hope everyone enjoys their tote bags (I'm using mine already!).  Thank you all who took part and made this an easy going, creative and successful swap!

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  1. Thanks to Ruth and all for organising it was great fun. lime early Christmas with no idea of what was in the parcel. all the family couldn't wait to see what arrived. Thanks again. Maryx


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