Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Modern Quilters Bee - JULY 2015 - Cynthia

Hello there all you busy Bees! 
It’s great to have the opportunity to be a BEE in the Modern Quilters Guild as I’ve never, ever been a BEE before!! No - really!

I’m quite new to quilting, although I sewed and attacked fabric fearlessly and creatively from a very young age. My mother was the resident stitcher and although I wasn’t always “doing it the right way”, I managed to make my teenage fashions in the 60’s & 70’s. Now there! I’ve given away my age. Fabric shops back then were my Aladdin’s cave and Haberdashery was the Crown Jewels! I now have time and space to indulge this passion since I discovered quilting in 2012 and I am fascinated, addicted and eager to learn.

For July, I’m keeping it quite simple and so we’re doing a Disappearing Nine Patch, which gives a wonderful impression of complexity with very little effort. There are lots of videos and tutorials on the internet but I suspect the 9 patch is not new to most of you! Look out for Eleanor Burns short YouTube tutorial called Tossed Nine Patch and a host of ideas from others including Missouri Star on uses for this very versatile quicky block. Any questions.........drop me a message anytime.

I’ve sent all you bees two orange 5” squares for this project, so here goes.............
1 Fabric Requirements (for 2 x 9patch blocks):
Raid your stash, beg or steal - black and white prints only –
no solids to be used and no other colours EXCEPT
2 x 5” orange squares from Queen Bee!!
8 x 5” black squares (with white print)
8 x 5” white squares (with black print)


5 2 Choose a pleasing layout BUT in both blocks
Orange must be in centre position.
Darks must be in corners (which won’t be cut)
Lights must be in between as shown.
There may be symmetry or not – its up to you!
AND The two blocks do not have to be identical – look at my examples.

63 Sew each row of patches together with ¼” seams.
Press top and bottom row seams towards the dark squares
Press centre row seams towards the ORANGE square

74 Join the rows horizontally making sure to NEST the seams together carefully.
Press the horizontal seams away from the ORANGE centre row towards row 1 & 3 as shown
This completes the 9 patch block assembly and NOW COMES THE FUN PART!

85 When the 2blocks are assembled the centre orange square measures 4 ½”
Carefully cut through the EXACT centre horizontally and vertically (2¼” from the side of the orange square, lining up the ruler as shown.9

106 Separate the four mini blocks – each of which now measures 7”
There are lots of YouTube videos illustrating various layouts and the effects of using different colour combinations!

117 Lots of different layouts are possible BUT your work is now done, except for popping your eight little blocks in the post to me. I’m BUZZING to see all your exciting creations my little honeys!

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