Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Learning to Quilt in Ireland

Calling Irish Quilters!  Calling Irish Quilters!

Where did you learn to quilt?  Do you have a teacher or shop that is close to your heart?  Or maybe you teach classes yourself?  If so, would you please email us at mqgireland (at) gmail (dot) com with your recommendation.   Please include the name of the teacher, their contact information and even photos of what you made as well as a little 3-5 sentence review of why you think they are great.  We can then make a new directory on our blog to help those new to quilting find a place nearby to learn. 

Thank you!


  1. Well you know about me already I think!! Teaching 4 classes per week in E.Belfast, plus monthly Saturday workshops. If you need anymore info just give me a shout! Jxo

  2. My friend Alissa who lives in Inis Oirr introduced me to her mum Mary who is a great quilter and founder of the island's quilting group. She gave me great tips when I was just starting and she even brought me my first ruler and rotary cutter from Wisconsin. Although I haven't got the time now to visit them, I totally recommend any quilter to visit the island, go to the little cafe that Alissa runs and you will see the beautiful work these ladies do!

  3. Sorry! wrong link!


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