Monday, 26 March 2012

Member Profile: Meet Cindy

I feel a bit silly writing an introduction to my own post, so I'll just dive in...

The basics
Name: Cindy

Hometown: Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  We have two pretty cool "castles" that look like dripped sand and a great down town for shopping.

Current Home: Galway on the western coast of Ireland.  I love it. I love it. I love it. 

Family: I share my home with my partner, B.

Pets: The most spectacular, intelligent cat in the whole world, Clarkson.  

The details
What is your day job? Research scientist.

What is your current dream job? Owning a fabric shop.

What did you want to be as a child? A medical doctor was a thought...until I realized I'm very unsympathetic toward ill people. 

What is your favourite time waster? Blogs.  Blogs.  Flickr.  Blogs.

What are you working on now?  Trying to finish the stop of my Stargazing quilt.  I'm also working on an all solids quilt with my bee called Electronica.

What do you want to be working on right now? My Stargazing quilt. It is a distraction from the Community Quilt that I should be working on.

Do you have other hobbies beyond quilting?  I love getting a cup of coffee and walking around Galway on a Saturday morning.  We ride mopeds a lot too, which is just a great time.

Do you play sports?  Which ones?  Sadly no.  I really should. 

What is your strongest positive personality trait?  Honesty?  Maybe not everyone would see my honest comments as positive, but it seems to keep me on the straight and narrow.

What is your greatest fear (nothing morbid or spooky…in a lighter sense)? Loosing my sense of direction in life.

Is there anything in your past that would shock us (that you’re willing to share)? I wish.  I'm pretty square so I have nothing to share. 

What started you quilting?  I have always loved color and geometric patterns, but it was just the cover of a quilting book that really got my heart racing.  I started piecing that weekend and have not looked back since.

My first-ish quilt finish, given to my sister in law for Christmas.

Another first-ish quilt for my niece, Roisin, again given away at Christmas.

A Quick-fire Round….What is your Favourite
place to holiday: Italy or Pennsylvania to see my family.
movie: Fight Club.
food: Burger fries and a beer.
band/song: Right now it's the National, but it changes frequently.

Mod Logs.  My current most used quilt.
colour: Judging by the height of the pile in my stash, green.  Who knew?
fabric line: Don't really have one. I'm more of a scrappy girl.
sewing tool: My 6.5"x6.5" ruler.  Love it.
completed sewing project: Mod Logs as it's the one I'm around most and it always makes my day sunnier.
quick finish sewing project: The zipper pouch is new to my world and is just fantastic!


  1. hi! Didn't know you were from PA, but I went to university in Pittsburgh! (carnegie mellon) I will have to look up to see where doylestown is :)
    Can't wait to see your stargazer quilt. love that block so much!

  2. Lovely pics C! I see Fight Club is on again this week on satellite tv. Jxo

  3. Lovely photos C & looking forward to seeing the stargazer quilt - sounds wonderful
    PS Any chance you can turn off the word verification thingy?

  4. Hi Cindy...found your blog thru patchwork a new quilter, since September last year...wanted to make a baby present for a friend, found Hungry Caterpillar fabric and taught myself how to quilt from and blog from Portland, Oregon living in Wicklow Town...been in Ireland 12 years....look forward to seeing your stargazer quilt.... :)
    p.s. don't have my own blog but do have a FB page...Kelli's Quilts
    are you on facebook?

  5. Getting to know you...getting to know all about you...but I think you tell more when talking to Rhonda!


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