Monday, 22 February 2016

Modern Irish Bee Round 1 Link up - We have a sponsor!

Last Friday was the target date for completing round 1 of our Modern Irish Bee.  This year, we have 7 hive members taking part in a Round Robin style Bee and we would love for you to make along with us.  We are linking up our starting blocks this week and Cindy @ Fluffy Sheep Quilting has generously offered to sponsor our Bee to encourage us to keep on track throughout the 6-7 rounds this year!  The prize is a €20 gift voucher for Fluffy Sheep Quilting - thank you Cindy!


If you ever wanted to make a medallion quilt or are intrigued by the Round Robin style - make a block pass it to the next person who adds to it and passes it on - I hope you fill follow our progress and support our hive mates. 
We are sharing in progress updates with Modern Quilters Ireland members on our Modern Irish Bee Facebook group which is open to members only.  We are also linking up here on the blog at each round to share the finished rounds with you all and posting regularly to our open Facebook page!

We have over 100 members to date in Modern Quilters Ireland and if you want to join us its free and the sign up sheet is here.

If you are working on your own medallion quilt or round robins please link up an instagram/flickr photo or blog post to be in with a chance of winning this brilliant prize of €20 gift voucher.  Cindy has just gotten in some beautiful Lil Red fabric and I am eyeing up the print with the wolf - so that would be my choice if I'm lucky enough!

The link up will remain open through to Friday and the draw and winner announced on Saturday!


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  1. I look forward to following your round robin projects (half my heritage is Irish, so that maybe will let me watch) :0)


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