Wednesday, 25 November 2015

12 Days of Christmas (for Sewists and Quilters)

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…. OK, I won’t sing the whole song, but you get the idea! It's that time of year again, and heads are being scratched by those who struggle to buy for the sewist in their life! Hopefully, this list will give you some ideas of what to get for the sewing enthusiast in your life (or what to put on your own wish list!!!). If anyone belonging to me is reading - one of each please!!!

  1. Set of Tula Pink Hardware!
    This may or may not tickle your fancy - it does mine though!!! It’s a Limited Edition Hardware Set includes all three of Tula Pink's new sewing notions. It includes, an 8" fabric shears, 5" Curved EZ Snip, and a Surgical Seam Ripper. I think it would make a lovely gift, as there’s an element of frivolity to it (but it’s practical too)... It might be worth including a padlock for the shears to prevent anyone using them for non-fabric use (shock horror)!!
    Available from Fat Quarter Shop and Pink Castle Fabrics.
    I’m sure there are other stockists, it’s worth a Google to see.
  2. Handmade item from another sewist
    Licence stalk their friends who make/sell ;) This one may be a bit on the tight side, time wise, but worth noting down! Most of us are friends with or followers of others who make and sell. I suggest a wander through Facebook/Instagram to see what’s happening, and you might strike it lucky in getting something handmade!
  3. Rotating Cutting MatAnother useful gift, a small cutting mat that rotates, making block trimming super easy and quick. There are available from most shops, I’d recommend going local, or at least within Ireland, to avoid silly postage costs.
  4. Jewellery!!!!If in doubt, jewellery works! What is cuter than the pieces by Irish Button & Co? They started off in Dragon’s Den with their classic button pieces, and they’ve expanded. Really lovely, sweet - I adore the needle that threads through the button, handmade, Irish made, you’re onto a winner!
  5. That Purple Thang What the…??? I know you’re wondering what am I on about now! This gizmo is a purple stick, yup, a purple stick. However, it’s a stick worth having beside every sewing machine! As it says on the packaging: It pushes, pokes, pulls, p-fudges, p-turns, p-stuffs! A neat little stocking p-stuffer! :) That Purple Thang can be found on Amazon (and the Fat Quarter Shop, should you be buying from there already!).
  6. Subscription to Sewing MagazineCheck out the coffee table/tablet/ereader/sewing room to see what magazines your sewist likes to read… Buy them a subscription, another gift that keeps giving! Most of the magazines are available as postal subscriptions and digital, so go with whatever works!
  7. Sewing themed mug or art piece
    Etsy is your friend here! Granted, the mug might end up holding sewing accoutrements, as opposed to a hot beverage, but I don’t think there’s a sewist out there who wouldn’t love this Sewing Alphabet mug from BeckaGriffin on Etsy!

    Likewise, most of us adore dolling up our sewing spaces, so when I saw this print, I thought it was very understated and chic, the perfect match for each of our spaces! This print comes from MadameMemento, also on Etsy.
  8. Designer Colouring BooksTwo well-known fabric designers have brought out their own colouring books. I’m sure you’ve seen/heard about mindfulness colouring books, and these are no different. You get the chance to colour own version of a fabric design… such fun, and yes it’s calming - don’t forget the nice colouring pencils/markers to go along with it!
    The Tula Pink Colouring Book, Cotton + Steel Colouring Book
  9. Monthly Fabric Club MembershipSign the recipient up for a fabric club. Several online shops run these, each month you get a bundle of fabric, either from a designer, manufacturer, or following a particular theme. It’s a gift that keeps giving, as they usually run monthly throughout the year! The 2016 clubs will be coming available in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the various online fabric shops.
  10. Aurifil Thread
    Say what, I know, another odd name! This is a fabulous Italian thread, beloved by a lot of quilters and sewists. Fabric designers have their own coordinating sets available to buy. Aurifloss is the embroidery thread equivalent, and adoreable on wooden spools. Google stockists near you, or online, or speak to the lovely Fluffy Sheep Quilting to create a bespoke bundle of threads to suit your beloved!
  11. VoucherIf all else fails, you cannot and will not go wrong with a voucher for any of the Irish Fabric Shops. Further afield, a lot of online shops have vouchers also.
  12. Bespoke BundleCall or call into any of our lovely Irish fabric shops and they will be more than happy to assist you in creating a unique package of goodies. My husband did just this with Fluffy Sheep Quilting earlier in the year for my birthday, and it was a beautiful surprise. Keep it fabric, or consider fabric with coordinating threads, etc… Don’t be afraid to ask!

…...and a partridge in a pear tree!

Enjoy the shopping ;)

Competition Time!
Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting has kindly offered us a €15 voucher to raffle off - a handy stocking filler, or helping hand with a gift purchase!

To be in with a chance of winning, comment on this post from now until 5pm on Tuesday, 1st of December. We will then pick a winner out of the hat (I have the hat ready) that evening. 

Good luck and happy shopping!


  1. I'm loving the Tula pink scissors! Might have to buy them for myself this Christmas!

  2. Oh lots of lovely pressies Id like there- going to send my hubby the link 😉

  3. Great list - I'm going to make sure my family see this!!

  4. Ha ha great pics Anna! A rotating cutting mat would be a great one for me too!!

  5. I'd be thrilled with any of the above but would particularly love the rotating cutting mat.

  6. oh i do love me a competition, some great ideas here. I thought i had bought a rotating cutting mat years ago, but must have dreamt it or loaned it to somebody!

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