Friday, 22 May 2015

MQI - Update

Well now that the exhibition madness is over and the submission date has been met (we have just under 30 quilts and hoops submitted for display next week in St. Patrick's Hospital - thank you to all!) its time for an update on plans for the rest of the summer.  Don't forget our opening is on June 4th at 4pm!

Next week I'll be opening sign ups for our Summer swap.  This year we are hoping to run two swaps.  A summer one with a postal date 1st to 3rd September (so we have plenty of time in between the summer holidays!) and our Christmas swap which I would hope to continue as a MQI tradition.  Any ideas of what you would like to see as a swap item for Christmas please let me know.  We've done table runner and cushion so far!

The summer swap will be for a Tote bag.  I've had my eye on the Moda Bakeshop tutorial for the Queen Bee bag for ages, might finally get around to making one!  Check our this link for inspiration and next week on sign ups I'll add in more details.

I'm also looking for a volunteer to help with the swap.  If anyone is interested please drop me a line!

I've made some updates to the blog too so please take a look and let me know if there is anything you guys want added or amended - we are always looking for ways to make this space better so please send in your ideas.  I've added in links on the beginners page to some of our how to posts and if anyone has a tutorial that I can link to on their blog I'd love to include it.

On the resources page I added in members who take commissions for custom quilts, shops and teachers.  The idea is if someone asks you to make them a quilt and that's not your thing you know where to send them!  If you want to be added to this list or need to amend any details drop me a line.
Happy weekend everyone!

PS: Don't forget to check out Bloggers Quilt Festival - 2 of us have our Bee quilts from last year entered.  If you were in our Modern Irish Bee 2014 you might just see some of your blocks!  There are over 300 quilts linked up across the categories including Modern, Art, Original, Rainbow & Scrappy.

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