Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Bee Blessed - February

Good morning all.  Just a quick reminder of the Bee Blessed block for this month.  
Image courtesy of Just Jude

Sarah has chosen the Arrowhead block for this months donation blocks.  This one has really caught my eye and would look brilliant with all sorts of fabrics.  It could easily be made from some spare charm squares too if you have some lying around.  All you need for the each print are a 3.5" square and a 4.5" square.  This would look really great in solids too.  This month the instructions to make the Arrowhead block are on Sarah's Blog, Sew Me.
Image courtesy of Sew Me
If you have some time and some fabric and would like to make up and donate some blocks, Judith and Sarah can be contacted on their blogs or the Flickr group Bee Blessed.


  1. Thanks for promoting the block this month, Ruth.

  2. Very pretty! and thanks for the tip. I just happen to have some spare charms hanging around, and this looks like a good way to use them up. Maybe I'll like them better!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ruth. It's always nice to have a visitor or two!


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