Thursday, 12 June 2014

Getting to Know Tomomi of Slaney HandCraft

In an effort to show off the amazing talent and resources we have available here in Ireland, we have decided to post a few interviews/spotlights.  With any luck, you can find a new teacher, find a bit of inspiration or even someone new to collaborate.

To kick off the series, Fiona has interviewed the amazingly talented, award winning, Tomomi!  Take it away, ladies....

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi I am Tomomi originally from Japan and now living in Ireland over 15 years with my Irish hubby

and our beautiful daughter. Loving the life in countryside. I am making patchwork quilt for last 12

years and teaching locally for a few years. Now I have set up my own studio dedicated for quilt

making and teaching of the same. You can find about me

What inspired you to pick up patchwork/quilting?

I am actually not sure. I liked sewing and did some all the time. I started quilt making about 12

years ago when I had a bit more time and wanted to decorate the house. Hubby bought a hand

turning Singer for one pound! and I thought better use it. Local book shop had some magazines in

which colour and shapes of patchwork looked very interesting. Or maybe I just wanted to try

something I haven’t done.

Where did you learn to start quilting?

I am totally self taught through books and magazines. When I started, I didn’t know where to buy

fabric or tools in Ireland. I bought a craft rotary cutter and a mat from the office shop but no ruler

and then proceeded with hand turning Singer (this was only 12 years ago, believe me)! One day

quite accidentally I found Farmhouse Quilt in Carnew, Wicklow which is only 25 minutes away

then I started buying proper cotton, proper tools, proper everything. Oh and Hubby gave me a

electric sewing machine! That made sense for everything about quilt making on the magazines!

Do you remember your first completed project, and what was it?

Yes. I went a local curtain factory to get some remnants because I didn’t know any fabric shop as

I said. And with them made a lemonstar quilt without batting inside. That is not a good finish as

you can imagine but that was the start and I was so happy with it.

Which quilters inspire you the most?

I can’t point this to one or two quilter… I love the ones have secondary pattern, gradual change of

colour and Japanese quilters with intricate applique work and hand sewing. Bless them.

As for quilting, I love Angela Walters. She changes whole concept of fabric placement/patchwork

pattern by quilting. That is so clever.

What are your favourite styles of quilting?

A lot of decorative motif by free motion quilting.

What would you say is your no. 1 quilting tip?

Just enjoy the process.

Do you have any advice for beginner novice quilters?

Have a partner in crime!

Thank you so much, Tomomi!


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